Reul Chiropractic

Torque Release Technique

“I am very excited to have found Torque Release Technique (TRT). It’s the most specific and effective technique that I have used and allows me to practice with certainty.

Through a series of tests, I am able to pinpoint the exact location of vertebral subluxation that needs to be adjusted. At any given time we all have about 10 subluxations or blockages working. But at any one time there is only one primary subluxation.

If you get the primary subluxation, the nine secondary subluxations clear. With this system, I can find the primary every time. Each adjustment is laser-focused. It’s like getting 10 adjustments, but undergoing only one adjustment.”    Dr. Rick Reul

Dialing in Your Care

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is similar to being able to open a safe you’ve never seen before. All of the numbers are right in front of you on the dial. If you know the combination, the safe is very easy to open. If you don’t know the combination, you can spin the dial all you want, but the safe won’t open. TRT allows Dr. Reul to find the combination that will unlock your nervous system and allow your body to heal from the inside out.


TRT is very gentle and non-invasive. Dr. Reul uses an instrument called an Integrator, an FDA approved hand-held instrument. The Integrator is a 510K medical device designation by the FDA, making it the first legally marketed instrument in the US for the correction of subluxation. It has gone through a funded, independent, random clinical trial conducted by Robert Duncan, PHD and Holder Research Institute.

The Integrator incorporates torque, recoil and speed with an automatic release, firing at 1/10,000 second. Many people are afraid to go to a chiropractor because they are afraid of getting their necks “popped” or getting their backs “cracked,” although people can benefit from these manual adjustments. With TRT, Dr. Reul is able to adjust anyone safely and comfortably with the Integrator. Even if you have had spinal surgeries or have conditions like osteoporosis, you can still benefit from chiropractic care using TRT.”

Men, women and children of all ages who suffer from common conditions have seen a marked improvement with TRT. Treatment can be tailored to specific conditions of a person’s body. No one is too young or too old for TRT.

I arrived early and was promptly seen. The office staff was friendly and accommodating.  Dr Reul greeted me warmly, assessed the situation, and treated me with his gentle Torque Release technique. Almost immediately and while still on the table, a release of tension was felt rippling through my body. The process of that adjustment continued through the day and left me comfortable, energized, and I could think clearer in the days that followed. For years, I have searched for a chiropractor that really understood the body’s natural ability to heal. Through gentle manipulation and clear intention, Dr Reul supports that process. He clearly marries his wealth of medical knowledge and adjustment proficiency with a great capacity to support and direct the body’s energy toward wellness. Under his care, I have been able to avoid drastic spine surgery. For that, I’m forever grateful! Dr. Reul is certainly the most gifted chiropractor I have ever seen.” 

Conditions that Can Benefit from TRT

  • Chronic pain
  • Disc disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Sciatica
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Scoliosis

You may be sore after your first treatment, much like you are after you begin an exercise program. Dr. Reul will give you specific instructions for the application of ice if you have sore spots.

After Treatment

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice lasting improvement after your first adjustment. You’ve undergone years of repetitive motion and stress on your joints, muscles and nervous system. TRT doesn’t just relieve symptoms. It’s a process that works over a longer period of time.

“We don’t treat specific conditions, but have found that when the messages flow without interference or subluxations, your own intelligence facilitates the healing process.”